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Welcome to Zeus Investments MFO.

We all work to achieve a singular goal; to provide a sterling service to our valued clients.

Founded in 2010 and located in Copenhagen, Denmark we are an independent multi-family office providing a discrete and comprehensive multi-family office service to high value families and individuals.

About us

At Zeus Investments MFO we take your family's future seriously; we serve your interests, planning wealth protection and growth strategies, designed to span generations while taking into account a diversity of needs, to bring you to the desired goals.

Our professional advisory team will assist you to assemble the most suitable long term investment package, tailor made to your specific requirements. We take a long term view when it comes to planning and compiling investment portfolios and work to ensure continued and consistent growth and prosperity for future generations.

Our vision

Zeus Investments MFO's aim is to ensure the continuity of wealth and growth of your family's holdings for the benefit of future generations. This we achieve by an in-depth knowledge of the market enabling us to locate and recommend exciting investment opportunities suited to your needs and requirements.


As a multi-family office we offer our services to families of value seeking professional advice in managing and planning their holdings and investments for the long term with a view to estate planning and cross-generational transition preparation.


Our highly proficient team at Zeus Investments MFO is passionate about the work we carry out for our clients. Our team hails from a variety of areas of expertise and includes our board of directors, investment managers, analysts, financial advisors, business consultants, legal and tax specialists, estate advisors, accountants and administrative personnel. In addition to our in house team we work with a network of trusted professionals who provide a welcome addition to our range of services.

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At Zeus Investments MFO we are here to provide you with the most suitable investment and wealth management guidance for your family's unique needs and requirements. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive premium service.


Our service covers a broad range of financial, advisory and ancillary fields, including:

Wealth and estate planning

When considering long term investment it's vital to take into account all the parameters surrounding cross-generational transition and continuity with a minimal tax impact. Our advisors compile a combined plan for you covering tax planning, wealth protection, and estate planning, as well as ensuring smooth business succession.

Our wealth plan takes into account all of your family's holdings including local and offshore, and covers all legal and taxation issues that may arise. Our approach is multi-generational; we provide guidance for all the generations in your family in order to address each generations needs.

Investment advisory

Our financial advisors draw on their extensive market knowledge, as well as the recommendations of our analysts to compile a recommended investment portfolio based on your specific needs and wishes. Investments can include financial products such as stocks and shares, commodities, venture funding, as well as real estate investments.

Real estate

Our real estate management advisors will help you manage your existing property portfolio, or should you wish assist you in setting one up. We have experience in managing residential, commercial and retail properties, carrying out transactions on at your request; our work covers acquisition and management strategy, we work with a network of property agents who deal with day to day management issues.

Philanthropic planning and management

The field of philanthropy requires specialist knowledge; our advisors are here to help you research and set up charitable trusts, funds and foundations, or organize sponsorships and scholarship bursaries, we'll guide you through all related legal and tax matters. Accountancy and financial oversight our accountancy team compiles financial status reports and presents them to you on a regular basis.


Concierge services

Our team is on hand to help you with your day to day requirements, we'll make your travel arrangements for you, handle your shopping, manage your bills, book venues and events, source domestic staff; in fact our service is tailored on your unique needs, we're here to make your daily schedule easier for you, wherever you are 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


We're hiring

Zeus Investments MFO is currently hiring for a number of positions at our firm, including analysts, financial advisors, administrative staff, bookkeepers and accountants, legal personnel, as well as concierge service assistants. For more details about vacant positions please send us a message including your resume to info@zeusmfo.com


Learn about our services and how we can assist you, send us a message to info@zeusmfo.com. Our experts are waiting to hear from you. A representative will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a meeting.




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